Contact Lenses

With nearly 75 million contact lens wearers on the planet, and 31 million in the US alone, it is hard to imagine that contact lenses are difficult to wear. Most first time wearers, in fact, are delighted with the level of comfort that contact lenses provide. As long as the initial contact lens fitting is performed by a professional eye care practitioner, any irritation associated with new lenses can be minimized or eliminated. After a brief adjustment period, most people report they can no longer feel contact lenses on their eyes.

For most children, the involves a one-on-one teaching session with Dr. Bassel Al Tinawi, contact lense specialist, that generally lasts 30-60 minutes and fitting involves special measurements of the curvature of the front surface of the eye with an instrument called a keratometer. Also, the contact lens fitting includes an evaluation of the tear film on the front of your eyes. Next, trial lenses may be applied to your eyes and evaluated with the biomicroscope to judge the fit of the lenses and how much they move with each blink. This step is also done at each follow-up visit in the fitting.

Finally, a review of how long to wear your lenses and how to care for them is an
important part of the contact lens fitting. After we make sure your lenses fit properly, provide satisfactory vision and comfort, and are causing no harm to your eyes, your final contact lens can be ordered and a prescription given.

We at Virginia Pediatric Ophthalmology Specialists offer competitive pricing.

At this time we are not participating in any vision plans but we are happy to give you a statement for your fitting and contact lens cost to see if your insurance company may cover it for you.

The contact lens fitting requires a separate appointment and usually takes about an hour. It includes (please call about fees): 1hr fitting & teaching session, trial lenses with case and solution, follow-up and any changes in the contact lenses, and the final prescription.