Pediatric Ophthalmology

A pediatric ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who was first trained in diseases and surgery of the eye after finishing medical school. They then pursue further training in the diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of those eye disorders that are unique to children. We offer complete medical and surgical eye care for children with strabismus, cataracts, congenital ocular anomalies, refractive errors, and visual developmental conditions.

An important note from Dr. Ed Wortham.


Strabismus is the medical term relating to a misalignment of the eyes.

Adult strabismus (this includes pediatric strabismus) is very common and has a number of causes. Most adult patients can be helped with a variety of treatment modalities. We specialize in a variety of methods, both surgical and non-surgical, to resolve these eye movement disorders in adults, including treatments to eliminate double vision (diplopia). These may include specialized eye exercises, prisms, glasses, botox or surgery.

Our Mission

A Holistic Approach

Physicians and staff are all empowered and encouraged to deliver on what we say, to solve and consider patients’ needs as first priority, to work as a team.

Bigger is Not Better

We work to personalize our care, to slow down and focus on quality, and do the best where we are.

What We Are Not

We aim to eschew discrimination, no matter the temptation, we will not be slaves to numbers or quotas, and we will not shrug our responsibility because of inconvenience or laziness. We will “own it” if we make a mistake.


We are fluent in

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